Shutters bring style and individuality to your home.  Naturally, you need to choose the shutters to match your design ideas, but to get the very best from them, they also need to be measured accurately and fitted expertly.

You may have already selected the shutters you want, or you may be at the start of the process – either way, we can guide you through to get the best result for you and your home.

There are the practical benefits of temperature control, lighting and, of course, safety … and then there are the aesthetics … do they meet your demands for style and project the image you want?

We would always recommend that we come and show you the products and talk you through the options, but in the meantime, why not take a look at some of the practical benefits and view our range below. 



Premium hardwood, with an engineered core to prevent the possibility of warping. A stunning tight grain with a smooth finish.



Designed for strength, the multi material Georgia range, enables wider than standard panels


Similar to Boston Premium, but with tough MDF frames, the Boston range is the best value wooden shutters on the UK market



With polymer coated MDF, the Seattle range is durable, low cost and maintenance free


A perfect bathroom or kitchen shutter, the Hollywood range is highly resistant to water. A robust shutter with superior strength.


We can create the perfect shutter for almost any shaped window, large, small, contemporary or period.